Umrah Visa Requirements

The Saudi Arabia is the most famous country situated in Western Asia that bounded with the Gulf coastline and the Red Sea. This Islamic country is famous for its fascination and beauty. But this is the most blessed and significant country for the Muslims. Throughout the year, Muslims go for Umrah, as Muslims wish to execute Umrah journey once in their life. Therefore, they need to get the services of a licensed operator and group that help to make their way comfortable. The authorized agents can help to provide the best Umrah packages, Visa and other travel facilities. But the first and foremost step of Umrah is to get the Umrah visa of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here, you can find a true guide that may help you in getting the most essential Visa for going on Umrah journey. Hence, you just read the core instructions and must meet with the criteria before contact with any travel company in the UK to proceed forward.

The Requirements For Getting Umrah Visa

To apply for the Umrah visa, you may need to concern about these demands and requirements.

  • According to Saudi government rules, the applicants can apply for a visa through an authorized travel agency in the UK, who can help you from the beginning till the end of Umrah tour. Umrah agency has to sign a contract with the Saudi government to offer visa services to the UK’s customers.
  • The pilgrims or applicant must provide the passport size and colored picture with white background. The clear and full-face view photographs will submit by every Umrah visa applicant in which he/she is facing the camera directly. Unclear or side view pictures will not accept and never use for the Umrah visa process.
  • When the applicants are applying for Umrah visa, they need to make sure that their British passport is valid for at least six (6) months and When you are applying for your Umrah visa application form make sure that your British passport is valid for the next 6 months and acceptable for the entry in Saudi Arabia. The passport has at least two blank pages that can be utilized for issuing your lesser pilgrimage visa.
  • However, the applicant must have refundable and confirmed return tickets that ensure you will never stay in Saudi Arabia after the completion of Umrah.
  • A complete and accurate visa application that completed to printed with black ink. The application form must be attested and signed by the official travel group in the UK. Moreover, the travel agency ensures to provide the accommodation and indoor transportation for the pilgrims that make their journey comfortable and easy.
  • Women who fewer than 45, needed to travel to Umrah with her Mahram and must provide proof of their legal relationship. Women over the age of forty can travel without Mahram bug they also need to submit an objection letter from her son, husband, and brother. In this case, women can travel alone with the preferred group.
  • The Mahram must provide the real and complete information about his children and spouse who are going with him.
  • Regarding the health and vaccination issues, the infants and children must submit their vaccination report or certificate.
  • The Umrah visa will start just right from the journey that could be valid for 15 to 30 days; it only depends on the duration of stay in the holy city. Only the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia can approve the candidate’s request.
  • Only the residents of the UK can apply for the Umrah visa from any certified travel agency.
  • The Muslims residents in the UK can apply for Umrah Visa from any famous or certified travel agency in the UK.
  • In case, if the person converts his/her religion, they must give a permission letter or certificate from an Islamic center in the UK.
  • Children who less than 18 years, are not eligible for granting a visa if he/she will not accompany by their family or parents.
  • It is necessary to apply through the approved Umrah travel group in the UK. Hence, customers are advised to search the most famous and licensed travel agency of the UK who can facilitate the pilgrims throughout their journey.

  • General Rules For Pilgrims And Travel Agents

  • The pilgrims advised to carry their vaccination documents with them that allow them to have a tension-free entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Never take any food products with you and the pilgrims can only visit the Holy Sites for which they are requested.
  • The pilgrims can never extend their Umrah visa limit.
  • The travel agency must put forward financial contracts and letters before Umrah visas delivered.
  • The travel agents or providers must ensure to send compatible information to the ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, the visa will be returned or not issued.
  • On the passports, the travel agency’s logo must be attached that shows the name, phone number or address of the official agency of the UK.
  • The visa cost and expensed might be different and all are varied according to the needs and facilities which the pilgrims will enjoy during their journey.

  • Find The Best And Quality Umrah Packages

    The modern cities, incredible deserts, coastline landscapes make Saudi Arabia the first and foremost attraction for western tourists. Therefore, you cannot miss site trips with the holy Umrah that take you to another world. In the UK, you will find many travel agencies who provide different Umrah packages that right according to the pilgrims’ demands and needs. The pilgrims can get the different facilities that provided under special Umrah packages.

    The exclusive services of Umrah included with:

  • Affordable flights and tickets of business class and first class
  • 3 to 5-star hotel accommodation in Makkah and Madinah
  • Exclusive and quality guidance services for the Umrah guider
  • Indoor transportation services
  • Ziyarat Trip in the Holy cities of Madinah and Makkah with the guidance about Islamic History and Places.

Therefore, firstly you need to discuss your budget and needs for the Umrah as you can find different prices according to the Umrah requirements. Hence, you are free to select the most suitable Umrah packaging as per your financial budget and traveling needs. Do you have any doubt about our provided best packages? So contact us right now and ask any query about our Umrah services.

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