Hajj & Umrah Tips and Religious Guide

  • Make a notarised copy of your passport and take it with you, in case your passport is lost.
  • Your passport will be taken from you when you arrive in Saudi Arabia.
  • It will be kept with the Hajj Motawif establishments, and only returned to you upon departure.
  • Make a copy of your air ticket as well.
  • Take a SIM free mobile phone with you to keep in touch with your group & in case you are lost- and also to phone home.
  • Saudi SIM cards which are valid for one month are available over the counter in most phone shops.
  • Before leaving, make sure your phone can accept any SIM card, and not tied to a network.
  • If so, unlock it before your departure.
  • Your suitcase should be sturdy and with heavy-duty wheels.
  • Ensure that it is labelled with your name, address and telephone number.
  • Bring the following items with you: 6.
  •    i) Copy of Quran and books that give you authentic information about the rites of the Hajj.
  •    ii) A waist pouch to keep your money at all times.
  •    iii) Good quality light backpack for carrying personal stuff during the Hajj movements.
  •    iv) Two sets of Ihram clothing.
  •    v) Sleeping bag for staying overnight in Muzdalifah (in the open area.)
  • vi) If going on Hajj during winter months, take some woollen clothing as the early mornings tend to be cool.
  •    vii) Three or four pairs of rubber slippers for use during Ihram.
  •    viii) Toiletries: tooth brush, toothpaste, moisturiser, bath soap, shampoo, small mirror, comb, nail clippers, disinfectant, deodorant, pocket tissues and toilet paper.
  •    ix) Folding umbrella for protection from sunlight. Do Not take audio or video tapes or political literature as the authorities will review them at the airport and that will cause delays. Do Not take gold, jewellery or any other valuables with you.
  • 1) Health & Safety
  •    i) You will leave home ready to immerse yourself in worship. This optimism will be dampened by the health problems you would have to cope with them in the Holy Land. Don't push yourself too much. Your body needs lots of rest. Do what you can and move on. Your worship did not begin with the Hajj and is not going to end with it.
  • ii) Most pilgrims will suffer from one or more of the following: sore throat, coughing, frequent sneezing, runny nose and fever. Bring enough supplies of over the counter medication.
  • 3) Transport
  • Transport is without doubt the most talked about subject during the Hajj. Almost every pilgrim has his/her own ideas about how transport services could be improved. If Hajj is "a struggle", then enduring the transport inadequacies is an important component of this "struggle." Some tips to help the pilgrim cope with theproblem:

    In anticipation of the air-con system in your bus malfunctioning, bring along a hand fan and small towel. You will see a lot of things along the way that 19 worsens the traffic situation. These include indiscriminate parking, improperly maintained buses that have broken down, accidents and the quarrels that follow, drivers who disregard traffic rules, etc. Do not let all these bring out the animal in you. Remain calm. Remain focused on the big picture. Think about your pledges to Allah and the specific things you should be doing from now to make you a better servant of Allah.
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