Blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan Blessings

Ramadan is a blessed month but many of the Muslims sees this month as exhausting and torturous. We can see some Muslims complaining all day about the toughness and that they can not wait until the sunset. In fasting, Muslims abstain from eating or drinking and other prohibited acts, Muslims have to abstain themselves from drinking even a drop of water from dawn to dusk. In addition to not consuming or consuming additionally they abstain from all inappropriate matters. In actual Holy Ramadan is the blessed month and Muslims must understand the importance and blessings of the Holy month. At the same time as they abstain from many things in the course of the whole day, after sundown all family members gather to break the fast.

Ramadan is not the month of starvation:

Throughout the daytime when a Muslims is fasting, we go through daily routines by refraining from eating, drinking, and conduct consisting of rudeness, backbiting, cursing and many other acts that can decrease the rewards of Holy Ramadan. By doing so we can get complete peace of mind that permits us to behave honestly and think positive. Ramadan is the blessed month which comes with the great opportunity of asking forgiveness to ALLAH Almighty and worshipping ALLAH Almighty by performing different acts of worship.

Fasting Is Not Only About Abstaining From Drinking and Easting:

Fasting in the Holy month is not about abstaining from drinking or easting. Fasting is about abstaining from extreme desires which can also encompass unhappiness, the anger, and frustration and other acts which are prohibited in Islam.

Muslims Fats for the Whole Month of Ramadan:

Muslims fasts for the whole month of Ramadan from sunrise to dusk, Muslims fasts from Fajr to Maghrib. At the time of breaking fast Muslim families gathers and pray.

Fasting Is Ideal For Health:

it's miles determined that fasting can substantially lessen the hazard of most severe disease like cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, decrease sugar levels and protect us from some outcomes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and it also helps us in sharpening up our mind.

Ramadan is the holiest Month in Islamic calendar: Ramadan is the blessed month in Islamic calendar wherein Holy Quran was revealed On the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and there are 5 nights in the Ramadan which are extremely blessed and Muslims are advised to worship in those nights, these 5 nights occurs in the last Ashra of Holy Ramadan. Muslims also visit Makkah for performing Umrah in this blessed month of Ramadan because performing Umrah in Ramadan has great blessings than performing in any other month.

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